1 – What is #UrbanHeroes?

#UrbanHeroes is a consciousness-blowing tabletop role playing game that will grant you the opportunity to play as a super powered being living in a cruel, realistic and unconventional copy of our world, that will make you doubt your beliefs and where no one can be trusted.

Choose your Power, its Origin and weaknesses for your H.E.R.O. ; prepare to choose your side in the underground war for Particles Z domination and the fate of all mankind.

2 – How does it works? What is #UrbanHeroes rules’ system?

#UrbanHeroes adopts an original rules’ system which focuses on realism and simplicity; game statistics are substituted with Dices instead of numbers, that could increase or decrease along an incremental scale.

We are bringing you a complete rulebook that will let you recreate any scenario thanks to a system which will need you to roll few dices at once and to make only simple calculations.

3 – How do you create a H.E.R.O. ?

#UrbanHeroes lets you build any kind of human character, describing it with many physical and psychological features; moreover it’s possible to choose among 900.000 Powers’ combinations. The player will be able to customize these Powers (Activation, Duration, Flaws, Grade, etc.) to customize his H.E.R.O. on a Episode to Episode basis thanks to one of the most flexible advancement system ever seen!

4 – What does the rulebook includes?

The #UrbanHeroes hardcover rulebook includes all you need to create a H.E.R.O. , equip it, set him in a realistic scenario and start playing with all your friends. You will find at least 5 Screenplays that will let you live the superhero life in totally different scenarios, PC and NPC’s characters,  7 chapters describing Earth-Z, an alternate version of our world where our story takes place and all its main H.E.R.O.es.

5 – How many artworks will be in the book?

Arts are very important for a comic-related project; we asked the best italian professional comic books illustrator, graphic designer and colorists to bring you an astounding visual experience.

The book includes more than 100 original artworks by Artsteady (Claudio Avella, Andrea Errico, Alessandro Miracolo, Raffaele Ricciardi, Davide Tinto), Elia Bonetti, Manuel Bracchi, Matteo Buffagni, Ryan Lovelock, Emilio Laiso, Emanuela Lupacchino, Michel Mammi, Chiara Montanari, Mattia Semini Righi, Alessandro Rivaroli, Riccardo Rullo, Piergiorgio Savino, Mattia Sterzi, Stefano Villa, Salvatore Villirillo.

6 – Why should I join the project?

We have been working on #UrbanHeroes first version 10 years ago; we decided to try it on the italian RpG market 2 years ago and we got a very good feedback (even though, due to the italian political-economical situation, no editor is now investing money in anything new in our country); we are now introducing our game to the worldwide market along with all our development projects which include a vast number of expansions, comics, narrative books and a geolocalizing app that will let you play online and help during your gaming sessions!

We have a lot more to say and we now rely on you.

For further information or request write us: info@urbanheroes.it

or join our community: http://www.urbanheroes.it/en/contacts/