August 30: Describe the ideal game room if your budget were unlimited.

Matt: A tavern in a lonely country house in the middle of a snowy mountain: a long wooden table with those fancy great design you can see online, a fire place, some snacks and a set of metal dice for everyplayer. A giant screen on the back of the GM is there to show to the player the handouts or gaming material, every player has a tablet where they can communicate in PVT with the GM or do some research. Ah, and don’t forget the fierce pugs squad running the house amd the catering 24/7!

Alex: Well, you want me to talk you about the old plan of buying a truck, nail a Sultan Game Table to the cargo floor, pimpi it with some special features (electronic card mixer, customized seats, a flat screen for interactive games and backgrounds for miniatures, etc), apply air conditioning, a bar area (with bartender), get Vin Diesel a salary as driver and game consultant…

Manuel: I have the projects somewhere. Even 3D files. I can show you…

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